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                      • The French Door
                      • The Windows
                      • The panelled door

                      The French Door

                      An array of our products
                      The French Doors are made out of galvanised steel sheets with moldings design, openable windows for venti-lation, fixed windows for light and two openable grilled shutters with glazing and guard bars for elegance and safety. All these are provided with thick float glass, M.S. grill with twisted square bars

                      The Folding doors

                      1 -Two Leaf Door
                      2 - Three Leaf Door
                      3 - Three Leaf Door with Windows
                      4 - Four Leaf Door
                      5 - Four Leaf Door with Windows

                      The French doors having fully openable leafs, glazed and grilled for safety and is of standard width and height. The doors are provided with powder-coated surfaces and all accessories .


                      The windows

                      The windows frame and shutters are made out of thick galvanized steel sheet and provided with thick clear float glass, brass fittings, and grills.

                      The windows

                      1 - Fully openable Window
                      2 - Window with two fixed and two openable shutters
                      3 - Window with one fixed and two openable shutters
                      The French doors having fully openable leafs,


                      The panelled door

                      The panelled door are made out of thick galvanized sheets and filled with high density P.U. foam. It is provided with PU painted surfaces in various colours, provisions for mortise lock,handles, latch, door-stopper, chain, eyehole etc. It is highly durable, safe and maintenance free.

                      • MP 30
                      • MP 60